LETTER 18-3-2016 TO WS

21 March 2016
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IFKO received a letter from WS Ceo Mr. Andy Hunt on a clear move to boycott IFKO events. WS abuses of its status by faking to oversee Kitesports disciplines without a previous legal AGM approval in a desperate maneuver to make our community believe in a lie with fear and threats.

WS tries to keep an empty and illegal overtake of another Sport by using its media/marketing machine to damage Kitesports organisation. IFKO (or Kitesports) cannot be included in Sailing Regulations... or in the sport of Sailing for any sanction or prohibition. Sailing is not a Kitesport!

IFKO and Kitesports community do not need Sailing or sailing events for its success! WS tries to fake that by including rules of Kitesports in its Sailing Rules without respecting legal procedures, could control the Sport.  For the interest of the future of Kiteriders take some time to read IFKO's President Dr.Diogo Fernandes answer and became informed about of the real situation.

  Mr Hunt, Kiters are good people but not stupid and like any other new Sport, wish to have the legal years to organize by themselves their beloved Sport. That time has come! We now have a legal International Federation that is growing every day and we will not allow your greedy in justice.  We know which discilines are to be promoted... all.. and not just the one to your company and stakeholders companies make profits.  Kitesports will not be like Windsurfing is today.  Kiters together, will do much better!

Make your move, show your support to IFKO, defend our Sport!


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